Our Leader

Gusmann Louis

I am honored to serve as a lead pastor of Grace Christian Church (Eglise Chretienne De La Grace). My wife, Eliette, and I are delighted that you have chosen to visit our church website. We welcome you and pray that the word of God delivered from our ministry becomes your testimony. A testimony that you will feel proud to share with others. We believe you and your family will be delighted to share our service with your friends and family. We pray as you navigate through our website, you will find a perfect place to get closer to God. We desire to serve all-mighty together, through praying, proclaiming, and praising him. I would like to share my admiration! My wife is my joy and balance in our family. I enjoy spending time with her and our three beautiful children, Jermaine, Nathan, and Sarah. The first Lady Eliette Louis considers the ministry her own family. She is passionate about serving the women of EGC. We are committed to lifting Jesus Christ and his amazing power to transform our lives.

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